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Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow Film in the Works

In the early 90s, Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow were inseparable enfants terribles. It was Blow, the fashionable, hat-loving aristocrat, who discovered the young designer, suggesting he drop his first name, Lee, in favor of his “more regal” middle name, Alexander. The pair became close, with Blow serving as a sort of guide and muse for McQueen’s career. McQueen grew steadily more famous, eventually becoming the head designer of Givenchy. However, his relationship with Blow soured when he didn’t get her a salaried position at the fashion house.
Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow had a close, but difficult friendship

The friendship between McQueen, who was voted British designer of the year four times, and the aristocratic fashion editor Blow, was a close but often tempestuous one. Blow died at the age of 48 in 2008 and McQueen died in 2010.

The film will be competing with the next feature by acclaimed director Andrew Haigh, who is also making a movie about McQueen that will focus more on his relationship with his mother, Joyce, who died nine days before he killed himself.